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Quality Management System

Quality Management System Diagram

Inspection of raw materials

Site access sanitary room

Metal detectors for raw material and product inspection

Critical points for quality control

  • Moisture
  • Heavy metal
  • BRIX
  • Tar pigment
  • Salinity
  • Total number of bacteria
  • PH
  • Coliform group
  • Foreign substance
  • Synthetic preservative
  • Arsenic

Post-Quality Control

  • Build a system that can identify the cause of consumer product claims by holding samples for QC for liquid products for 6 months of production and powder products for 1 year of production.

Review consumer claims

Check the products owned by the Q.C team

Test chromaticity, E. coli and microorganisms

Identify the cause of the claim

Production/distribution process

Explain the cause to the consumer and follow up