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Aims for the most honest taste in the world!

CEO Kim Youngtaek

We, HAEMA CO., LTD. will do our best to take one step closer as a company that provides joy and happiness to customers through an active attitude to the needs of various consumers with technology that is ahead of the times.

Since its establishment in 1987, Haema Co., Ltd. has been striving to produce reliable food under the belief that customers are the top priority, with sincerity and honesty as its corporate philosophy.

In order to contribute to quality improvement for customer satisfaction, we have built a perfect production system with skilled and accumulated human/technical know-how, continuous facility investment and research for many years, producing the best quality products that customers want.

In particular, we are dedicated to the development of natural food materials, starting with aquatic products, extracts from agricultural and livestock products, complex seasoning, and various sauces and soups.

We think this is the product of our honest efforts to make a healthy dining table for consumers.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force for further development of the company. We, Haema Co., Ltd., will actively respond to the needs of various consumers with technological advances ahead of the times, and through this, we will strive to take one step closer as a company that provides not only satisfaction but also happiness.

Going forward, we will continue to be a company that judges everything with the mindset that the consumer is the owner.